Unleash the Magic Within You!

Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders… and is it affecting your health?

Are you fumbling through your day unfocused and anxious… and you just want to feel vibrant?

Are you’re going through the motions… but you want to feel more, see more, do more?

Do you want to live a life of brilliance?

How would your life change if you could conquer these?

Who would this affect positively in your life?

Are you ready to set yourself free?

Really stop and think about those questions for a moment.

When you imagine these things, how do you feel? 

You are unique and beautiful, and you deserve to feel your best.

I Am Dedicated To Helping You Improve Your Health & Lifestyle

Working one-on-one with a health  and wellness coach can help you identify and attain your biggest goals as well as uncover and address your biggest obstacles. My private coaching clients experience significant breakthroughs in their health and wellness that lead them to challenge their habits, resulting in remarkable changes in their life. Creating a success mindset is necessary to become the best version of yourself. And it's all about setting and achieving the right goals.

physical health & wellness

Physical Wellness

The wellness of the ​physical human body

mental health & wellness

Mental Wellness

The wellness of mind and mental abilities

emotional health & wellness

Emotional Wellness

The feelings, mood, emotions, self-attitude and their management

health & wellness of the spirit

Wellness of the Spirit

Our actions, thoughts, and emotions are in a state of balance

quality of life & health

Quality of Life

The level of complete balance and satisfaction of your overall life

social and relationship health

Social and Relationships

The human connections that facilitate a sense of belonging with other humans

environmental health & wellness

Environmental Wellness

The wellness of the world and the planet and your role in it

occupational & financial health & wellness

Occupational & Financial Wellness

Career and job satisfaction, balance between work, home and play, managing workplace stress, and forming healthy relationships with co-workers

You’re Life Is Made By Your Habits

Your entire life is composed of the habits you do over and over again every day. Positive habits automatically support your goals while negative habits automatically inhibit you from reaching them. Negative habits and their effects on your life and substituting positive habits for negative ones are also covered. Finally, you’ll discover how to successfully form new positive habits.  Even if you don’t have negative habits, you may wish to create positive habits which would move you forward faster toward your goals.  In order to live the life of your dreams, you must build habits made up of positive behaviors that when repeated, will create the life-affirming results you seek.

Is the sparkle in your eyes dim?

Do you want to feel vibrant and alive, but you feel off track?

What would it mean to you to finally feel comfortable in your skin?

Do you keep telling yourself that you’ll start focusing on your health next week? Next month?  After that vacation you have coming up?

Have you been telling yourself this for far too long, and now’s the time to truly mean it?

I have stood exactly where you’re standing, and I 100% understand.

health aromatherapy, physiotherapy, herbal tea, manual therapy, hydrotherapy, hypnosis, massage

Why Work With Me?

I work with individuals, probably a lot like you, who are deeply ready to transform their lives—but simply don't have the knowledge to match their desire to be healthy.  I believe that we are each our own health expert, and that we have just lost touch with being confident in the wellness-based decisions we make.

  • I believe in opening my clients to their own instincts and abilities, so that they can succeed independently and confidently.
  • I believe in a healthy life made simple.
  • I believe in creating a partnership with my clients.
  • I am expertly trained in multiple healing modalities that are at your disposal that we can incorporate into your healing plan.

​My success stories are so much deeper than just removing symptoms—after working with me you will feel in control of your vibrant, energized, and healthy body.

I don’t tell my clients what to do,

I help them discover

how they feel when they do it.

Amy Hodder, HCCP

MEET amy

My name is Amy Hodder. Throughout my career, I have been trained in a wide range of natural healing theories and studied highly effective therapeutic techniques. My experience has shown me no one therapy works for every one all of the time so I guide you to find the holistic remedies and lifestyle changes that best support you and the lifestyle you would like to achieve by supporting you to make gradual healthful, realistic changes that enable you to reach your current and future health and wellness goals. As part of my work, I use many different approaches to support getting you well.  Of course there is no magic bullet, but I have a whole host of tools available and together we will find the right combination for you.

Health Testimonials

My top goals were boosting my immune system, detoxifying my body, eating better and finding emotional stability.  Amy was able to help me work toward these goals by assigning and working with me during full body cleanse.  She guided me in healthier and tasty food choices.  She also worked with me to find the root of my emotional problems.  The most significant change I have noticed since starting my on health journey with Amy has been sleeping better!  I have a much smaller appetite with a fullness once I have eaten.  I am feeling more stable and balanced in my life.  Amy is exceptional!  She has helped me turn my life into exactly what I had hoped for.  I have confidence that she is more than capable to help you turn your life around, too.  Visit her as soon as possible!  Start your journey with Amy and be as happy as I am with the changes you see!  She is amazingly professional and I got unbelievable amazing results while working with her. -Caitlyn A.

I worked with Amy to clean up my diet, get healthy, and feel better about myself.  She suggested foods that are both delicious and healthy for me.  She suggested cleanses to detoxify my body (which worked great) and helped me figure out what my priorities/goals really are and helped me figure out ways to achieve them.  Since I started working with her, I have been surprised at how much more energy I have and how much better and happier I feel overall!  Amy is kind, smart, motivated,  and helpful.  She really knows her stuff and is truly dedicated to turning you into the person you want to be!  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a positive change in their life whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually.  Amy is the best!! -Chris H.

You kept on working until you fixed my pain. The fact that you can switch modalities to tailor treatment needed each session puts you far and above any other therapist! GREAT JOB AND THANKS! -Anonymous

Outstanding! -Sean E.

I am so glad that I found you again! -Kelly M.

Very comfortable atmosphere. -Jeremiah G.

Absolutely amazing!! That's why I keep going back.-Karen K.

I have rheumatoid arthritis.  In my first session, the tiny heated stones between my toes eradicated all of my leg pain.  Afterward, I had a tremendous amount of energy. —Pamela

After the first couple of sessions, I noticed immediate pain relief.  Now the tightness and pain between sessions has lessened. I feel a deeper massage from the stones without residual soreness. —Debbie

I came out of my first session feeling 3 inches taller, with no back pain, no headache and a feeling of euphoria that lasted for days.  My headache has not retuned and my whole body feel realigned.​—Joan

After a traumatic round of root canal work, I had severe sinus problems and chronic tension through my jaw, face, head, and neck.  I have been extremely lucky to have the support of excellent craniosacral work to help tend, comfort, and ultimately return my head and face to health.

​Amy was able to communicate with my mother-in-law through touch when other methods failed to reach her.—Dianne H., home caregiver for relative with Alzheimer's

​When I'm receiving massage is the only time I don't feel like a sick person.—Casey C., suffering from ALS

​My mother-in-law never recovered from her stroke.  When she was bedridden and in pain, Reiki calmed her down and allowed her to sleep deeply, her pain alleviated.  When I was pregnant, I developed a painful joint condition.  After Reiki, I could walk normally and felt better than I had since becoming pregnant.—Alexandra

When I had surgery on my sinuses, the swelling went down right away when I had reflexology.  And it helped me get my energy back while I was recovering.—Rachel

​I have fibromyalgia and get migraine headaches.  After getting reflexology, I have less pain for 2 to 3 days.  The sessions fight stress and help clear my mind.​—Linda

Amy taught my daughter and me how to work on each other's feet.  Getting my feet worked on relaxes my entire body. ​​—Lorraine