Easy Weight Loss Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

If you've tried to lose weight and failed, you're probably thinking that it's a mighty difficult task to accomplish. Do you feel like you've tried every diet out there and nothing works?

Don't give up! Achieving your weight loss goals might be easier than you think!

Small Changes = Big Results

As you've no doubt noticed, weight loss isn't a quick fix. You can't go on a two-week diet, lose the weight, and then think that the weight will stay off for good. Even if you're really good about following a diet at first, you'll more than likely gain the weight back.


It's because a two-week diet does nothing to alter your lifestyle. The best results come from changes that you incorporate into your daily life, and many of these changes aren't drastically different from what you do now.

You can even continue to enjoy the foods you love as long as you do so with a wise plan!

If you make a series of small changes, one at a time, you'll give yourself a chance to get used to them. It won't seem like such a shock to your system when you introduce the changes gradually. Sooner than you think, you'll lose the weight and gain the healthy body and lifestyle that you desire!

Setting Your Health and Body Goals Checklist

Use this handy checklist to help you set your health and body goals.

Access Where You Are

  • Have your health assessed and know where you are starting from so you can track your success.
  • Have tools, apps and resources to help you keep track of your progress
  • Speak to your doctor or another health professional about your ideas and make sure you have been given the okay to begin.

Decide Where You Want to Be

  • Select your overall goal. It is achievable and realistic?
  • Break your large goal into sub-sections with smaller goals
  • Take those sub-sections and break them into steps you will need to take each day in order to reach your overall goal.
  • Set a timeline of when you will reach your overall goal as well as your smaller goals 

Plan How You’re Going to Get There

  • Understand being organized is a part of your overall success. Try to have everything planed out in detail.
  • Make sure each goal, big and small and each step you plan to take is realistic and achievable by you.
  • Have a set schedule and plan to stick to it so it becomes habit.
  • Try some of the technologies you need to help you achieve your goals.
  • Know that having fun is vital to your success and have worked it into your plan.
  • Know how you're going to handle the negative, naysayers in your life.

Change Your Perspective

  • Understand this is a lifestyle change not a time limited event.
  • Plan to learn everything you can about this new way of life and how it affects every aspect of your life.
  • Learn to love yourself and continue to tell yourself this each and every day.
  • Think about ways to turn negatives into positives.
  • Plan to take time out of each day to find some quiet time to reflect on your progress.

Develop Accountability & Motivation

  • Find a mentor, coach, or partner to work with.
  • Find some online groups to help you along your journey.
  • Have a few close friends/family members who are willing to support you.
  • Have a notebook set aside to write down your thoughts, struggles, successes, trials and errors along the way.
  • Create visual cues to keep yourself motivated.
  • If necessary, have alarms you can see to keep you on track.
  • Find some self-motivation strategies that will work for you.

Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

  • Have some non-food rewards planned.
  • Make sure your rewards are specifically for you to enjoy.
  • Take photos and document your successes!

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