I believe that health is a natural state of balance between our bodies, minds, spirits and the surrounding environment. When this balance is lost, our innate healing abilities work to restore balance, and hence, health. We suffer from the symptoms of disease when this natural process is blocked.

When you’re well, my goal is to help empower you with the knowledge and tools to maintain the best possible health at any age. When you’re ill, I will help guide you to understand and correct the root causes of your ailment, rather than treating symptoms alone. Success will often result in beneficial changes that enhance your health and well being for life.

My experience with both ancient wisdom-based healing and modern research-based remedies allows me to offer you a wide range of therapeutic choices, both old and new.

I practice my healing art with compassion, wisdom and loving kindness as a spiritual path. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to lovingly serve you, always aware of the divine grace that is the source of all life and healing.

How I Practice Healing

Body Therapies

Accidents, repetitive actions, and everyday stresses can cause problems that sometimes seem to take up permanent residence in our bodies.  If tension, pain or restricted movement keep you from living the life you want, then Body Therapies may help you back to wellness.

Energy Therapies

All physical disorders start first in our energy system.  In the beginning, the disturbance starts in the emotional or mental body, moving down, permeating the physical body and eventually, appearing at the physical level as symptoms of mental, emotional or physical dis-ease.

Nature Therapies

Natural Therapies encompass a broad range of disciplines that aim to enhance the physical and emotional well-being without immediate recourse to conventional medical, surgical or pharmaceutical interventions. The natural remedy for the most chronic disorders is available.

Total Wellness Is The power of saying "I choose to..." rather than "I have to..."

Achieving an optimal level of wellness is really about having access to the right information and positive, life-changing knowledge, all of which is found right here!

Working With Me, You Will Discover...

  • The steps to achieving holistic wellness in all nine dimensions of your self and your life.
  • How wellness needs change over time and how to adapt to those changes.
  • Wellness is an individual experience, but it cannot be truly achieved without interacting with your environment and the people around you.
  • The real definition of physical wellness.
  • How thoughtful consideration of what you put inside your body may change your views on nutrition.
  • That your physical body and spiritual being can never be fully healthy if you are thinking the toxic thoughts.
  • The emotional, spiritual and mental connection and how to program it for total health and wellness.
  • Why you should focus on achieving vitality for overall health, rather than simply trying to prevent disease.
  • How to control your emotions, rather than letting them control you.
  • How achieving financial and occupational wellness is key to your overall state of wellness and well-being.
  • How to create a sanctuary that promotes health and vitality.
  • How to respect the environment so you are rewarded with wellness.
  • The key considerations to achieving the highest level of well-being possible by harnessing the power of our social life.
  • How all wellness stems from self-care and the true meaning of self-care.
  • How to use holistic practices to achieve any state of health and wellness you desire.
  • The keys to unlock peace, harmony, and wellness in yourself in order to greatly boost your quality of life.